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Agra Tandoori Restaurant

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3790 Canada Way, Burnaby BC V5G 1G4


I love Indian food, I really do – there’s nothing better than the delicious combination of garlic, onions, a heavy hand of spices, and some cream to balance it out. That being said, I only allow myself this treat once or twice a year because of my dietary issues (lactose, dairy, reflux, blah, blah, blah).

So this past Friday evening was my honorary annual Indian food allowance. And boy did I indulge. Agra was recommended by a friend whose Indian family regularly orders from there. The pick-up was quick and easy – we arrived and saw my labelled take-out bag on the SkipTheDishes table, along with a handwritten note.

I was excited to eat! We opted for two saucy dishes: the quintessential butter chicken and the exotic lamb curry, accompanied by an order of spinach and garlic naan, and some vegetable pakoras.

The veggie pakoras came in a relatively large sized portion considering the price, and were lightly seasoned and pretty tasty. They were not very greasy and it was easy to keep eating them. I especially enjoyed some of the smaller crunchy pieces however I found some of the larger ones a bit soft. Overall, they were a decent appetizer and good to munch on before you get into the main courses.

The butter chicken was tangy and pretty tomato-forward. The cream helped to cut the acidity and give it some depth of flavour. We ordered it with the medium spice level and found it on the spicier side. I didn’t mind it at all and actually loved the heat. There were some bigger chunks of chicken hidden in the sauce but it was definitely on the runnier side. I actually prefer a thicker butter chicken so this wasn’t my favourite.

The lamb curry was my highlight – it was aromatic and packed with flavour. The gaminess from the chunks of lamb really came through and balanced the layered Indian spices. It tasted really authentic and was also on the spicier side, again we ordered medium. It didn’t have any cream so my stomach thanked me, and I didn’t feel bad eating it as much as the butter chicken.

I ripped off chunks of both spinach and garlic naan to dip in the sauces and eat with bits of meat. I preferred the spinach naan because it was also stuffed with paneer (mild white Indian cheese). The garlic naan had minced garlic cooked on top of it and was a good base component for dipping. It just didn’t have as much flavour and substance as its cheesy spinach counterpart. I could have easily eaten the spinach naan by itself.

I was stuffed after this meal and knew I would have to do some serious damage control to get me through the digestion period. A few litres of water and a mug of ginger-tumeric tea from Trader Joe’s was involved. Overall, I’d order from Agra again, especially in a year’s time when I start missing Indian food and have long forgotten the pain of consumption.


  • Vegetable Pakora $7.95
  • Butter Chicken $13.95
  • Lamb Curry $14.50
  • Spinach Naan $3.95
  • Garlic Naan $2.50

Eats: 3.5/4
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $$
Beats: Addictive – Truth Hurts feat. Rakim

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