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3096 Main St, Vancouver BC V5T 3G5


I’ve been craving a grilled cheese and though I shouldn’t consume dairy, I don’t actually care – especially when it comes to this. The choice to eat THE quintessential childhood sandwich was simple: yes, go get it. From where? Well that was even easier: Burgoo. This joint serves the undisputed best grilled cheese I have ever had. I still have yet to find another place that comes remotely close to Burgoo’s caliber of grilled cheese.

So Sunday morning brunch took us to Main Street (Burgoo has 5 locations across the Lower Mainland) where we sat on the huge sidewalk patio (a nice extension of Burgoo’s original outdoor space) to enjoy some sammies and sides.

I had a few drinks the night the before so decided to relieve my mild hangover with a hair of the dog. Their cocktail special feature of the day was a French Mojito, which was basically a regular mojito with some Chambord added, a raspberry liqueur (props to my former bar-tending self for knowing that). The drink was super refreshing, not overly sweet, had a mild raspberry taste. It was the perfect pick-me-up.

We were starving as per ushe, so started with their Signor Meatball appetizer. They came out in a ceramic dish which had five little pockets to hold them – it reminded me of the garlic baked shrimp at The Keg, which also sat in a similar dish. But I digress because I’d rather talk about these delicious beef+pork balls. They were well-seasoned, with a sweet tomato sauce and baked melted cheese on top, served with some sliced crostini-style baguette on the side. I really enjoyed this dish and the portion size was good for a starter. I would definitely order it again.

My partner and I both went for a sandwich with a side. I chose the grilled cheese of course, with a Caesar salad. My partner got the Cuban sandwich with a side soup, crab bisque. His combo was cutely and aptly named ‘After School Special’ – these orders were definitely nostalgic to childhood eats.

Let’s start with my ‘Gooey Cheese Grillers’ aka my grilled cheese sandwich. I’ll let the foodporn photos speak for themselves. This sandwich consistsed of 4 cheeses: Mozzarella, Gruyere, Emmenthal, and white Cheddar, all pressed between a baguette, cooked to crispy, stringy, caramelized perfection. Drool-worthy and immensely satisfying. I literally danced in my seat while I ate this and couldn’t be happier. I didn’t even care that the side Caesar salad was meh – I was just focused on the griller. The portion was also very generous, each ‘half’ was big enough to make one regular-sized grilled cheese.

My partner’s ‘El Cubano’ was also really tasty. It was served on a hoagie-style bun, with pulled pork, capricollo, grainy mustard and cheese. The pulled pork was so tender and stringy – it almost reminded me of pork floss. The grainy mustard was a perfect accent to the meat and there was slightly sweet garlic-relish component. This was a great choice and though it wasn’t like the classic panini-style pressed sammie, it was a good homage (hommage) to the Cuban. The side of crab bisque soup was sweet with a nice creamy, mild crab flavor to it. Definitely worth picking up the bowl and slurping – which is exactly what my partner did! We don’t mess around when it comes to food!

The food at Burgoo is always what I hope for – delicious, comforting, well-prepared, and highly satisfying. I get what I want when I come here. The service was good as well, friendly and unassuming. So when I get that hankering for one of my fave sandwiches, I will be coming back to Burgoo again and again, guaranteed, to get that cheese!


  • Feature Cocktail, French Mojito $9
  • Signor Meatballs $13
  • Gooey Cheese Grillers + Caesar Salad $16.50
  • After School Special (Sandwich + Soup), El Cubano + Crab Bisque $16.50

Eats: 5/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: 4/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Get That Cheese – Too $hort feat. Roger Troutman Jr.

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