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Cazba North Vancouver

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132 16th St W, North Vancouver BC V7M 1T4


My partner is big fan of Cazba and is pretty excited when we have the opportunity to have it. I, on the other hand, had never eaten at Cazba before but I have heard many good things from many reliable people so we thought it was worth the 16 minute drive over the bridge to North Vancouver to get some Persian food for dinner.

We arrived and placed our order with a very bubbly and happy lady behind the take-out counter. The restaurant was open for dine-in but it was a weeknight and we wanted to post up in front of the TV and catch up on our Netflix. Twenty minutes later we were provided with our food and headed home to eat our two meals of jujeh and koobideh, both served with rice, a grilled tomato, pita and some onions.

I ordered the jujeh kabob with chicken thigh, instead of breast which it usually comes with. The decision behind this was that I wanted more flavour and fat, and didn’t care or want to risk the potential dryness the latter. I was not disappointed – the chicken was so juicy and packed with umami, savoury goodness. My order came with a serving saffron rice, which was more like 3 giant scoops lining the entire bottom of the to-go container. For someone who loves rice with a passion (heyyyyy Asian stereotype), I couldn’t even finish this. I tossed the tomato, because I’m not a fan but if you are, you would have been happy.

My partner ordered the koobideh, which is essentially lean ground beef seasoned and cooked usually on a giant blade, but these were served sans skewer (and come to think of it, my chicken kabob were skewer-less too). His beef was delicious nonetheless and it was a toss-up between which dish I preferred as both were really tasty and packed the middle eastern spices and flavor. I guess it boils down to your meat preference as both choices were highly satisfying.

The last thing I wanted to review was the random half slice of raw onion and pita. I actually ate some of the onion with my chicken and rice, though definitely on the pungent side, like wasabi in your nose. I had a small slice of pita but found it dry and not really adding much to my already super-tasty main dish.

Overall, I loved my introduction to Cazba and will definitely go back for me. It’s a great choice for a cheap and high quality Persian food, definitely better than most random donair places, no offense to them. And for $12, you get the works – and enough rice to last 3 meals.


  • Jujeh Kabob (Boneless Chicken Thigh) $11.99
  • Koobideh $11.99

Eats: 4/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $
Beats: Rock The Casbah – The Clash

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