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Chad Thai Restaurant

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4010 E Hastings St, Burnaby BC V5C 2H9


I always crave Thai food but, like Mexican food, there aren’t many places in Vancouver or the surrounding areas that serve this cuisine, at least not that well. It’s also tough because I spent almost three weeks eating my way around Thailand a few years back.

After a very limited poll and quick Google search, we decided to order some take-out from Chad Thai at the recommendation of my sister and her boyfriend. Twenty minutes later, arrived for our order. There were a few people waiting so we stood outside for an additional 10 minutes. The woman manning the makeshift take-out area helped review our order and noticed we had asked for coconut milk for our milk tea but not in anything else in our food order. She cautioned that there was dairy in some of our dishes and that they could make it for us with coconut milk next time. I thought that was pretty thoughtful, considering I hadn’t even brought it up myself.

For drinks, ordered two tea iced teas, which could be substituted with coconut milk so I was pretty stoked about this. For food, we chose Tom Yum Gai (Thai soup with chicken), one of my must-orders, as well as some green curry, which is also a preference of mine. We finished off with Pad Khing (beef stir-fry) and some Pad Ki Mao (or more famously known as drunken noodles).

The tea iced teas were everything I wanted, sweet and rich with a strong tea flavour. It was definitely on the sweet side but I love this drink so much I was more than happy to imbibe on some extra sugar. The gradient, ombre-style serving was also cute and made the presentation that much sweeter.

Let’s start with the Tom Yum Gai – this soup definitely packed a punch and was one of the highlights of this order. It was sweet, sour, spicy, tangy, rich but also not too heavy. I definitely enjoyed the huge flavour profile and could have just eaten this soup alone with some rice. A must-order and I will be getting it again.

The green curry, unfortunately, was on the other side of the spectrum in terms of flavor – definitely mild and did have much of a punch. I felt like it either needed to cook longer so the different components could come out, or there needed to be way more curry paste involved. Either way, it was a pretty big disappointment.

Between the two dishes, the Tom Yum definitely beat out of the green curry.

Instead of chicken, we selected beef for our Pad Khing, which is essentially just stir-fry. This dish was lacklustre and something I could have easily made at home. There was quite of a bit of ginger so that ended up being the more dominant flavour – I like ginger but this reminded me of a failed ginger beef form a Chinese restaurant but with way less spice. Not my favourite and definitely wouldn’t order again.

The Pad Ki Mao was the last dish and I’m glad we ordered it – it was flavourful and cooked well. There were ton of chunks of chicken so they didn’t skimp on the protein. It was on the spicier side, which I enjoyed and the noodles were cooked perfectly, not mushy but not underdone. I kept piling more onto my plate even though I was full.

Between the two mediocre dishes and the two tasty ones, I didn’t know how I felt about the meal or which side side weighed heavier on my review. It was the great Thai ice tea that tipped the scales for Chad Thai. I’ll order from here again but I now have my go-to dishes.


  • Thai Iced Tea (Coconut Milk) $4.00
  • Tom Yum Gai (Chicken) $9.99
  • Green Curry (Chicken) $12.99
  • Pad Khing (Beef) $11.99
  • Pad Ki Mao (Chicken) $10.99

Eats: 3.5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $
Beats: Gemini (2 Sides) – Wale

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