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Cocoru Beer & Chicken

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8391 Alexandra Rd #2140, Richmond BC V6X 1C3


Friday night and I was out in Richmond on an errand and thought why not check out a joint in the area. It was pretty late in the evening and after scarfing down an Ikea hotdog and half a cinnamon bun and driving around looking for places that were open, we finally found a fried chicken place in the City Centre area.

Serendipitously, we arrived when there was no wait and were seated at a table right away. An hour into our meal and even until we left, there were a few groups waiting outside.

My first meal in Seoul, Korea earlier in the year was fried chicken – I ordered an entire 20 piece meal to myself. I haven’t learn from my overeating since then but at least this time around, I had company to share it with. My partner and I chose the half + half order of boneless fried chicken, meaning we got the full order but with two different flavours. Here were their options for reference:

  • Original: pretty straight forward
  • Yangnyeom: sweet, creamy, spicy
  • Soy Garlic: again, straight forward
  • Dakgangjeong: sweet chili sauce

We selected the soy garlic and Dakgangeong along with some fries and coleslaw.

For a drink, I thought it would be cool to try a soju based cocktail which was essentially soju + vodka + Sprite + a flavour (we chose peach). The cocktail came in a wine carafe placed on top of a light-up base, which made the drink container look like a lava lamp, without the lava. We were also provided two shot glasses and doled out our own little sips. I was very entertained by the presentation but found the cocktail to be really, really sweet. This is great for an entry-level drinker (think 16 year high school kid drinking flavoured vodka and pop*). It was a fun thing to have on the table and I got a little buzz off of it – though more likely from the sugar high than the actual booze.

We were given a plate of deep fried rice cakes for free! This was awesome and typical of Korean cuisine as they are big on little complimentary side dishes. They were rice rolls, deep friend and skewered, topped with a sweet chili sauce. I love rice rolls so enjoyed this little treat.

The fries were served in a metal basket and had some random chips in them, which I happily accepted and ate. The fries themselves were nothing special though they did appear to be made in-house so I could appreciate that.

The coleslaw was actually quite good but definitely on the mild side. I liked the creaminess and light flavor and, also the enjoyed the use of corn and other vegetables. It wasn’t just shredded cabbage in a neon green sauce, though I love that style of slaw too (KFC guilty pleasure, I’m looking at you).

And the chicken! The order was pretty huge; we definitely get your money’s worth in chicken. This could have been shared among 3, maybe 4 people but we made our best effort to finish as much as possible. The Dakgangjeong flavour (sweet chili) was very tangy, mildly spicy with a little sweetness. I love this saucy flavour so enjoyed the fried chicken bites tossed in it. It reminded me of a way better version of the sweet chili chicken at Earl’s. The soy garlic was the opposite: dry seasoning with crispy garlic chips and light soy flavour. It was tasty but could have used a more prominent garlic flavor.

Overall, I enjoyed the fried chicken at Cocoru. The spectacle of the cocktail was entertaining and cute; the service was very friendly and efficient without being overbearing. In the end we boxed up half of it and ate it for dinner the next day.


  • Cocktail Soju, 500ml $16
  • Dduckkochi (Deep Fried Rice Cake) FREE
  • French Fries $6.50
  • Coleslaw $4
  • Half & Half Boneless Chicken (Flavours: Dakgangjeong + Soy Garlic) $27.50

Eats: 4/5
Peeps: 4.5/5
Vibes: 4/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’) – T Pain feat. Yung Joc
*a high school throwback for me!

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