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De Dutch Pannekoek House

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1035 Columbia St #102, New Westminster BC V3M 1C4


My partner doesn’t ask for much, ever. He’s low-maintenance and easy-going for about 98% all the time. He’s always had a place in his heart for De Dutch and so when he asked me if we could get some pannekoek for breakfast on Sunday because he was craving it, I said absolutely.

We headed out to the nearest location to us, in New West, and plopped our butts into a booth for brunch. The server gave us some menus and started us with some waters. I was craving a little pick-me-up so had a pineapple mimosa. My partner’s choice of pick-me-up was some good ol’ coffee, which he found very weak and had little caffeine. I took his word for it. My mimosa was very sweet and quite clear so I can assume the juice is extremely refined and from concentrate. Neither were worth ordering and I wouldn’t do it again.

We both opted for pannekoek (Dutch-style pancake that resemble a crepe); it’s also pronounced ‘pan-nay-cake’, in case you’re wondering. I butchered the word when I first read it (ie. pan-no-coke, pannie-cowick….). Anyway, I chose the sweet route and added Nutella to mine, as well as a side of bacon. My partner went the savoury route and had bratwurst, free-range eggs and bacon too. They have the gluten-free option available so we both went for that.

My pannekoek was pretty tasty and very filling, I was only able to get through half of it. The pancake itself was dough-y at the top and crispier underneath and around the edges. I liked eating the crunch parts around the circumference but couldn’t get through the more soggy middle part. The Nutella was the best part (it’s my favourite spread!) and I ended up just eating it straight from the little glass ramekin. The side of bacon had good flavour but it wasn’t my favourite as I prefer thin and crisp bacon – this one reminded me of a ham-hybrid.

My partner’s pannekoek had a good combination of creamy egg yolk, salty bacon, hearty bratwurst and the doughy base to tie it all up. The bratwurst was butterflied and charred nicely. I really like it – more so than my own bacon and will order that next time. They were quite generous with their meat, which consisted of 4 pieces of bacon and 2 sausages,

Overall, it was a decent brunch meal and definitely filling. I wasn’t impressed with quality there but that’s usually the case with chain restaurants. I don’t expect much at Denny’s or Knight & Day, and this was comparable.


  • Coffee $3.30
  • Mimosa $7.00
  • Sweet Pannekoek, Nutella, Gluten-Free $13.75
  • Savoury Pannekoek, Bratwurst & Free-Run Eggs, Gluten Free $17.75
  • 2 x Side of Bakon (Bacon) $4.50

Eats: 3.5
Peeps: 4
Vibes: 3.5
Bills: $$
Beats: Pass The Dutch – Missy Elliott

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