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Fets Whisky Kitchen

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1230 Commercial Dr, Vancouver BC V5L 3X4


This humble little joint on Commercial Drive had quite an impressive whisk(e)y collection, which immediately came up on my radar. I used to come and try different ones every few months. But since a BC government raid in 2018 dwindled their collection, I have mostly been going back for the food.

For Sunday brunch we wanted to post up on a patio and journeyed to The Drive to seek out one. The choice was between Havana and Fets but given my affinity for the eponymous liquor, we picked Fets.

I ordered Fets Caesar to start – the vodka replaced with 40 Creek Copper Pot whisky and a heavy hand of shaved horseradish. It was one of the best caesars I’ve had in a while, nice and muddy with a kick. I was tempted to have a second but needed to be productive for the rest of the day. I asked for a fork to give it a stir since all the goodness was sitting at the bottom but our server forgot and I had to ask another staff member.

For brunch, I chose the fried chicken and rosemary French toast, which is always my go-to here; my partner picked the andouille hash, which sounded tasty too.

My chicken was juicy and flavourful, a bit on the greasy side and pretty small in portion size but overall good. French toast is my choice in breakfast carbs so I was happy to have this custardy-grilled bread on my plate. The rosemary gave it a savoury hint which complimented the chicken and sunnyside-up egg well. I liked this dish but still prefer the chicken and waffles at Chewie’s or Joe Fortes.

My partner’s andouille hash was underwhelming and something you could have easily put together in your own kitchen. It was decent but not worth going to a restaurant for, unlike the chicken and French toast which would take much more effort. The potatoes are were soggy and not crispy, the sausage didn’t have much spice or seasoning, and the rest of the sautéed veggies reminded me of a fajita mix. I wasn’t a fan.

Overall, Fets is definitely a place I’d come for a drink – either a whisky-based cocktail or just some of the spirit neat but I don’t think I’d prioritize the food. The patio was small and quaint, perfect for people -watching especially since it is across from Victoria Park.


  • Fets Caesar (On Special, Sunday’s) $6
  • Fried Chicken & Southern French Toast $17
  • Andouille Hash $15

Eats: 3.5/5
Peeps: 3.5/5
Vibes: 4/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Whiskey Eyes – French Montana feat. Chinx

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