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Heritage Asian Eatery

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382 W Broadway, Vancouver BC V5Y 1R2


I want to start this review with some gratitude: thank you to all the heath care professionals still out there working their butts off trying to keep our medical system afloat during this pandemic. Thank you to all the essential and ancillary services that remain open to serve the necessary day-to-day function of life. Thank you to those who are practicing social-distancing (self-isolation or quarantine), being considerate of others, remaining kind and compassionate through these trying times. And lastly, thank you to all the restaurants that have completely overhauled their systems in order to serve the masses through delivery and take-out. Which leads me to…

My take-out review of Heritage Asian Eatery, one of the many Vancouver joints that are offering food services through contactless ordering. Bless your souls! I haven’t been eating out for the last 5 days and for someone who is supposed to be running a food review blog (and just me being me in general) that’s a long time. But alas, the frozen pizzas and homemade dinners started to get old.

I decided to treat myself to a pick-up order of some BBQ pork. I would describe Heritage Asian Eatery as elevated Chinese food, which means they do many of the typical dim sum and BBQ dishes but with a bit of a Western, hipster feel (think: truffle siu mai). They have two locations: West Broadway, in Mount Pleasant (holla!) and West Pender, Downtown. The menus differ a bit between the two, and only the Broadway location offers BBQ items.

Our boxed dinner contained the soy chicken and BBQ pork combo (on rice), an order of truffle siu mai, and some gai lan (Chinese broccoli). We picked up our paper bag order and made our way to a park to eat in the sunshine.

The soy chicken and BBQ pork had the authentic Chinese flavours you would expect – the pork was a bit tough but that could have been due to the end of the day order, plus we carried the order around for over half an hour while trying to park and walk to a spot. The chicken was tender, flavourful, and had a nice braised skin on it.

I love all things truffle and never miss a chance to order any item that has truffle in it so, the siu mai was an obvious pick. It was a nice little pork and shrimp dumpling bite with a hint of truffle flavour in the mushroom topping. They were firm, but easy to eat – not gummy from being overcooked or mushy from being undercooked. I really enjoyed these and if you’re a fan of truffle, you should give them a try.

I rationalized that because I hadn’t been eating enough vegetables over the past few days, I had to order gai lan. They count but they are sitting in a sweet soy hoisin bath and sprinkled with crispy fried garlic. I wouldn’t count on these to hit your daily nutritional value. But they were tasty as hell!  The only thing I would note is they were a bit overcooked, again might have been due to the half an hour carrying time that gave them an extra steam while we walked around.

Overall, it was a nice change to be able to eat outside and have a momentary break from the constant social media and news barrage of COVID19. We kept our distance and enjoyed our food while sitting in some sunlight. I’m glad I was able to support a local restaurant, and in return I got some good eats.


  • Soy Chicken & BBQ Pork Combo, On Rice $14
  • Truffle Siu Mai $10
  • Gai Lan $7

Eats: 3.5/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $$
Beats: Encore – Jay Z

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