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HK BBQ Master

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4651 Number 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C4


Picture this: you’re hiking up a treacherous mountain trail in search of a master, one who will pass onto you knowledge and training so sacred and significant that it will forever change your life (think: Pai Mei in Kill Bill). 

Now picture this: you’re driving into the heart of Richmond, turning a corner around Superstore only to fall upon this hidden restaurant. You eagerly wait in line under the covered parkade in hopes of gaining the tastes of glorious BBQ that is HK Master.

This was my Sunday trek all the way out to No. 3 Road to get my hands (and mouth) on some very renowned BBQ. I had been meaning to come here for almost a year now. This place was highlighted on David Chang’s Netflix series: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. If the lines weren’t already bad before this aired, it sure will be now.

Luckily, there was hardly a wait so we were promptly seated and provided menus and hot tea at the table. The tea was delicious, by the way. It had a slight lychee flavour and I was freezing so happy to gulp mouthfuls of it. There was never a shortage of refills because as soon as you took a couple sips, the restaurant staff would be over to top you right back up. 

I went for my usual Chinese BBQ order: the honey BBQ pork and roasted pork combo. My boyfriend selected the BBQ pork and soya chicken (the latter being his favourite). The food came almost immediately and was hot to the touch – I know because I touched it on suspicion it was sitting out.

I chose my first bite wisely as to not taint my long-awaited meal. The juicy, sweet, fatty BBQ pork was everything I had hoped it to be. I immediately felt the glory of triumph wash over me. Yes Master! I moved onto the roasted pork and crunched enthusiastically on the skin. It was so crispy but not hard or stale. I continued to eat and salivate at the same time. I had a bite of the soya chicken which was very flavourful as well.

Some things to note: 

  • no outside food or drink (we learned the hard way by bringing in coffee)
  • the service is super efficient and friendlier than you’d expect at a typical Chinese joint
  • they only take cash but there is an ATM outside of Superstore upstairs 
  • the bathroom is beautiful – white tiles, cute artwork, with a European feel; it was a strange and surprising contrast to the fast-paced BBQ traffic going on outside.

I finished my plate of meaty goodness, white rice and a single broccoli and we paid the bill. I had gotten to the top of the mountain and learned the ways of the Master. My journey was now complete but I would be back again.


  • BBQ Pork and Roasted Pork $13
  • BBQ Pork and Soya Chicken $13

Eats: 5/5
Peeps: 5/5
Vibes: 3.5/5
Bills: $
Beats: Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat) – The Immortals

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