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Juke Fried Chicken

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182 Keefer St, Vancouver BC V6A 1X4


I’m not a fried chicken snob, I’ll go the KFC, Church’s, and Popeyes when it’s convenient but when I have a choice, Juke is my number one. I love their fried chicken, but above that, I love their sides and style.

Saturday evening meant dinner on a patio so we headed out to Chinatown for a seat outside. They had a wait-list for 20 minutes but we got our table a bit sooner than that; relatively speaking this was quick considering they were only using two of the four tables on the patio at the time (Covid rules). We just happen to come as one was leaving. The server who took my name and number was super sweet and very accommodating.

We sat down and ordered a couple of drinks – bottled beer for my partner and a Kiss From a Rose cocktail for me. I won’t comment on the beer because meh, but the cocktail was refreshing, a little lackluster yet cute in presentation. Definitely moderate price so I wouldn’t order that specific one again. Juke does have a very elevated and trendy cocktail menu though.

Let’s get to the eats – the main reason for all of this! We ordered a smorgasbord of food: fried chicken, slaw, corn (cob and bread), and some dressed fries. I’ll try and give a synopsis of each but spoiler alert: it was all so good.

The fried chicken was pretty damn amazing – I asked for a mix of both their regular and spicy. The regular chicken was juicy and not greasy, the skin was thicker and crunchier than many other places but held together and didn’t have the crumbly, panko-style coating. The spicy iteration was sweet, tangy with a bit of heat. I just love the Asian undertones in the flavours – a highlight for me and a must-order every time.

Next on the platter was the all dressed fries, which were amazing! Spicy mayo, crunchy bits, green onions, on top of very well-cooked crispy fries. Everything I love and served in a giant portion. Order these to share – you won’t regret it.

The Asian slaw was a nice refreshing and “healthy” side in contrast to all the deep fried, bready, carbo-loaded goodness. But even the slaw was tasty as hell. This is a great twist on the boring coleslaw you normally get. My notable on this dish is the peanut + sesame topping and creamy dressing.

Finally, let’s talk corn because I convinced my partner I needed both cob and bread and he conceded. The cornbread was savory and had a nice crust around it. I really don’t like when cornbread is sweet because it starts to taste like stale corn cake. The exception is a good honey glaze, which I do love, but that wasn’t the case here. The corn cob was super tasty, I really enjoyed the creamy and crunchy additions to mimic the All Dressed Fries. I could have eaten a couple more cobs (but I didn’t, because I am learning self-restraint).

Overall, Juke is a my favourite straight-up fried chicken joint in the city and after this last visit, that is still the case. If you have a chance to hit this place up, I highly recommend it.


  • Whistler Lager $8
  • Kiss From a Rose $14
  • Fried Chicken, 5 Pieces (Regular + Spicy) $16
  • Mr. Clay’s All Dressed Fries $9
  • East Asian Peanut Slaw $5
  • Corn on the Cob $6
  • Cornbread $3

Eats: 5/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: 4/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Fried Chicken – Nas

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