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Memphis Blues Barbeque House

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1342 Commercial Dr, Vancouver BC V5L 3X6


When the trailer for Uncorked on Netflix came out, I knew it would be right up my alley because I love wine and hip hop. So I finally watched it two nights ago and what I didn’t know was that the story takes place in Memphis with the backdrop of barbeque culture to move along the plot (no spoilers here, I promise).

You can imagine my delight when strolling down Commercial Drive in search of lunch that I stumbled upon Memphis Blues, open for business (well take-out, that is). It couldn’t have been a more serendipitous moment, and I took full advantage the opportunity.

The owner was working and took our order, I felt a tinge of sadness seeing all the empty chairs stacked in the restaurant and the makeshift set-up for online/mobile orders. It felt good to be able to support a local restaurant, even if it was in a minor way. One take-out order later, we carried our brown paper bag to a nearby park with some water views to feast on our barbeque meal of beef brisket, corn bread, fries, slaw, beans, and BBQ sauce.

Let’s start with the heavy hitter: the brisket. It was juicy, extremely flavourful, had a beautiful crust from smoking, and paired perfectly with their housemade sauce, which was a little bit tangy and sweet but also carried that rich BBQ taste.

The other notable highlight for me was the fries, which were seasoned in some kind of house dry rub or mix. I could tell it was made on-site using real potatoes and not mass-produced like McCain or McDonald’s french fries (no offence, I love them both too). These were similar to those at New York Fries or Five Guys, you know what I’m saying?

With the exception of the corn bread, which was really moist and not overly sweet (I appreciate that), the other two sides were nothing special. The coleslaw was creamy and plain, the beans were just beans. But let’s be real, I wasn’t there for the sides – the brisket and BBQ sauce were the main attractions.

I can’t remember the last time I ate at a Memphis Blues (they have 11 locations around Western Canada) but wished that I came here more often instead of some of the other questionable BBQ joints in Vancouver. After this meal, I also began to wonder… is it barbeque, barbecue, or BBQ?


  • Sliced Beef Brisket Meal (w/ Corn Bread, BBQ Pit Beans, Slaw, Choice of Potato Salad or Fries) $23

Eats: 4/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $$
Beats: Juice – Yo Gotti

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