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241 Telegraph Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226, United States


This is a pretty bold declaration to make because 1. I love all food and 2. I have so many top cuisines I prefer to eat, but my favourite of all time is: Mexican. There, I said it! It’s out now and everyone (who reads this and/or knows me personally) is fully informed.

That being said, my favourite Mexican restaurant outside of actually being in Mexico, is Mi Mexico. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest or most convenient place to get to since you must cross the US Border (Peace Arch to be exact). But whenever I have a chance to hit up Bellingham for some shopping, I always make sure to stop here.

Why is Mi Mexico my favourite? Let’s start with the authenticity and décor of this place. They have the most adorable chairs I’ve ever seen in a restaurant: multi-colour, Latin-themed thrones for your seating pleasure while you indulge in your favourite Mexi eats! On top of that, everyone who works here is Spanish/Latin, including the very boisterous gentlemen at the host stand who is always smiling. Our server was kind and prompt, she didn’t miss a beat and could be overheard speaking Spanish to the nearby tables.

Like any Mexican restaurant, you get free chips. Who doesn’t love a basket of fresh tortilla triangles and some salsa to start their meal? I love the salsa here too, it’s closer to a hot sauce and doesn’t have obnoxious chunks of raw tomato in it. I would expect that if I ordered pico de gallo but not in my salsa, no gracias. Pro-tip: don’t fill up on the chips, your meal will be big.

I also love their margaritas, made simply without any showiness to them, they are a great balance of tequila and lime. The glass is rimmed with flaked sea salt, which is also my favourite, making it easy to lick with your sips. And it’s $5! I cannot stress how amazing this is. Try finding a cocktail for $5 in Vancouver outside of Happy Hour, bet you can’t. You can opt for the large size, but it will get you drunk. Not a bad thing, if that’s your plan.

The menu is vast, pages and pages of items with combination options that will please even the pickiest of eaters. I ordered yet another favourite of mine, the flautas (which are flutes in Spanish). These little rolled up tacos are similar/interchangeable to taquitos but forget everything you know about the crummy ones from 7-Eleven, these are the real deal and they are super freaking delicious. Crunchy on the outside, nice warm shredded beef goodness on the inside, some crema and guac for enhancement. And if these flautas don’t fill your belly, the sides of Mexican rice, refried beans, and salad definitely will!

We also ordered a combo of chile relleno, tamale and enchilada, which came on a plate double the size of my face, no exaggeration here. The tamale was huge and well-made, the masa had a find texture, and they didn’t skimp on the filling. They don’t skimp on anything here, it seems. The chile relleno was stuffed with delicious, melty, gooey cheese. The enchilada was filled with shredded beef and topped with melted cheese as well.

I try to make a pilgrimage here at least once a year to satiate my Mi Mexico craving, it’s worth the drive. When people ask me about good Mexican, this is the only answer I give. And each time I leave here, I’m already looking forward to the next time.


  • Chips and Salsa FREE
  • Regular Margarita $5
  • #26 Flautas $13.95
  • #23 Enchilada, Chile Relleno, Tamale Combination $14.09

Eats: 5/5
Peeps: 5/5
Vibes: 4.5/5
Bills: $$ (factoring in the USD exchange)
Beats: Mía – Bad Bunny feat. Drake

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