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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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1750 152 St #101, Surrey BC V4A 7Z7


This fried chicken joint hardly needs an introduction as it has a heavy cult following. The expansion in BC came with much anticipation and excitement. To date, you can visit one of the five locations in the Lower Mainland (plus more across BC) for your fried chicken needs.

Formalities aside, let’s talk fried chicken! In my humble opinion, Popeyes kicks the crap out of any fast-food chain for fried chicken (sorry, that’s right KFC and Church’s). But let me stress the ‘fast-food chain’ part because I’m not saying it’s the same calibre as boutique joints like Juke’s, Downlow or The Frying Pan. But if you’re looking for cheap, fast, deep fried eats – Popeyes takes it.

Saturday afternoon in Surrey meant capitalizing on fried chicken take-out. We were conveniently 5 minutes away from the nearest Popeyes location and had to stop in for some take-out. The line was out the door but since we were pot-committed in Surrey, might as well bear the wait. Twenty minutes later and we were in our car, ready to munch on some greasy goodness.

This was going to be our first meal of the day so we ordered 8 pieces with fries and 4 biscuits. I wanted the full Popeyes experience so added some coleslaw and extra sauces (obviously) so I could scale the entire dipping spectrum.

We started with a couple biscuits – they reminded me of Pillsbury Doughboy ones, ‘southern homestyle‘ and all. Definitely a guilty pleasure. They were warm, doughy to border-lining under-cooked, salty and flakey. I really enjoyed them but these are not your grandmama’s biscuits so it’s best to manage your expectations.

Next was the giant portion of fries – the family meal order came with ‘large fries’ which makes sense if there was a family eating them, but it was just the two of us. The fries were my favourite: not salty at all but seasoned with their cajun spice which made them flavourful and addictive. I just kept shoving fry after fry into my mouth. They had a cornstarch coating similar to fries you’d find at Costco. Golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside – I would have been content just eating them with a selection of sauces.

The coleslaw was the least compelling part of the meal. It was overly sweet, had no depth or character and was super soggy. It was a regular size portion too, which was about half a cup – we didn’t bother finishing it.

Finally, the fried chicken – we ‘mixed and matched’ for both spicy and mild. The mild was definitely just plain ol’ fried chicken. The spicy had the slightest hint of heat but didn’t stick on your tongue long. The skin was thin and crispy – not a heavy coating of breading. The chicken was hot and juicy, definitely worth the wait. I noticed there was a ton of meat on the bones so we got our protein quota filled. I’ve eaten fried chicken before with mostly batter and no actual chicken, it’s not great. No offense to skin, I love a good skin myself but still need the substance.

True to Annie fashion, I can’t finish a review without mentioning the sauces. I ordered three: Blackened Ranch, Bayou Buffalo, Wild Honey Mustard. All three were freaking delicious and elevated the deep-fried goodness with either heat, creaminess or sweetness. The Honey Mustard was my favourite, combining a tangy acidity and an equal hit of sweetness.

I wish I didn’t have to drive all the way out to Surrey or Poco for Popeyes but I guess it’s a good thing – save myself from high cholesterol and an early heart attack.


  • 8-Piece Bonafide Meal, Mix & Match Mild + Spicy (w/ 4 Biscuits and Choice of Side, One Sauce) $27.99
  • Coleslaw, Regular Size $2.49
  • Extra Sauce (Blackened Ranch, Bayou Buffalo, Honey Mustard) $0.30 each

Eats: 4
Peeps: 3.5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $$
Beats: Popular Demand (Popeyes) – Clipse feat. Cam’ron & Pharrell

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