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Red Wagon

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2296 E Hastings St, Vancouver BC V5L 1V4


We had a bit of a drunken night so the next morning, brunch was in order. We were in the area and decided to ring up Red Wagon to see what their wait time was. Usually when I drive by, the line up is 20 people deep and wrapped around the corner. This time, it was only 15 minutes, apparently.

We made it to the restaurant within a few minutes of calling and there were 3 groups in front of us. We decided to endure the wait as we were already brunch-committed. It took about 30 minutes before we were seated.

My partner started with a coffee to help awaken him from the dead and keep his hangover at bay. I downed a glass of water while eyeing the menu for their meaty options.

I ordered the crispy pork belly because it’s like a greasier, meatier, chunkier bacon! And I love my bacon. This came with two eggs, which I ordered over-hard because I don’t like runny yolks. I chose sourdough toast for my bread option. So where do I even start? The pork belly was amazing. Wow. It had a really nice rub on the outside, which we couldn’t place (maybe a mix of Chinese 5 spice and other things?) and it was cooked beautifully. The hollandaise and salsa verde combo on top of the belly and eggs really enhanced the dish. It gave it a creamy but tangy kick and helped to cut the fat. I could tell both sauces were made in-house. The hollandaise was extra frothy.

My partner had the BBQ brisket which had a good flavour, not overly sweet but more on the mesquite side. There were giant chunks of brisket with an over-easy egg draped on top. It was deceivingly a lot of food for how compact it was presented. The corn bread was crumbly and soaked up all the meat juice and BBQ sauce. The potatoes sat underneath for a hit of fried starch. The bread and sauce were made in-house as well. His dish was amazing, again wow. Especially for the price.

Our server was really quick and friendly. The food was delivered just the same and our payment was very efficient. They had their service down to a tee and no one missed a step. I guess you’d have to, with a line-up out the door. They did have a one hour seating limit, which was fine by us because we were just there to eat and leave.

I will definitely be going back to Red Wagon because the food was so affordable and so delicious. There were a few more items I was eyeing so will have to try those next.


  • Coffee $3
  • Crispy Pork Belly (w/ eggs, toast, home fries, grilled tomato, salsa verde + hollandaise) $15
  • BBQ Brisket (w/ eggs, jalapeno cornbread + home fries) $15

Eats: 5
Peeps: 4.5
Vibes: 3.5
Bills: $
Beats: Wow. – Post Malone
*think “Red Wagon, Red Wagon, Red Wagon” instead of “G Wagon”

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