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Rice Burger

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2630 Sasamat St, Vancouver BC V6R 2J1


Tucked away in the residential area just right off of West Broadway is this unassuming little burger shack. Though you may think it another typical bread and patty place, there’s a surprising little twist. The name says it all – the joint serves rice burgers. And if you’re lucky enough to order when one of the co-owners is there manning the front door, then you’ll get schooled on everything about Rice Burger, including but not limited to how they, two 20-something year old besties, came up with the concept, work their asses off to bring it to life, and of course what you should eat (and how you should it eat).

We had seen an Instagram post about this joint during the week and decided on it for our Saturday meal. We made the drive from Burnaby out to the near-end of the West Broadway corridor to Rice Burger to try their fusion Japanese/Korean/Hawaiian (and everything in between) Burger creations.

We were greeted by a very (and very is a huge understatement) outgoing and lively dude taking orders from a makeshift take-out window at the front door. He happened to be one of the two co-owners of the joint, his partner not far behind him cooking in the back. After some quick recommendations, we placed our order and awaited our meal of a Spicy Katsu Burger & the Farmhouse Bowl.

Upon receiving our dishes, the hilarious co-owner dude and self-proclaimed ‘brown guy’ gave us a run-down on how to eat each of our order, detailing how to maximize flavour from the sauces, keep from going into a food coma, and maintaining Covid cleanliness standards by limiting the use of hands while managing the burger. It was entertaining and quite useful to say the least.

The day was nice enough and there were a couple of small tables and chairs in front of the establishment so with the blessing from co-owner dude #1, we decided to chill out and eat there. Let’s start with the Spicy Katsu Burger. This thing was a beast, don’t let the size fool you. I mean, even the size is not small and when you factor in the density of the rice, you. will. get. full. I can handle my food and I was pretty damn stuffed after mowing this down (phonetic note: mow as in cow or chow but not as in mowing the lawn, English is confusing isn’t it?). I really enjoyed all the components of this rice burger – including the crispy outer crust of the rice, the spicy-creamy Japanese mayo, and the generous portion of breaded and fried chicken filet. I would definitely get this again and am curious to try all the other burger options available.

The Farmhouse was also really good. A meat-ménage of beef, chicken, and pork served with salad, garlic corn, kimchi and mayo all on a bed of rice. As much as I loved the Katsu Burger, I actually enjoyed the bowl more because of how all the components came together to give a spicy, meaty, sweet, creamy bite. You could keep it all separate and eat each part individually, or act in a child-of-chaos manner like me and mix it all up. The beef was a highlight here – it’s not quite pulled or ground, but hand-shredded to keep its substance but also sop up all the juice and sauces. I also appreciated the sweet hit of garlic corn, it brought out a lot of character in the bowl.

During our impromptu picnic, the second co-owner (“the tall Asian dude” as appointed by the co-owner #1 “brown guy”) came outside and as he passed us, he asked how our food was. These people really are invested in their food quality and customer satisfaction. There wasn’t much of a line while we were finishing our meal so the co-owner #1 came out and chatted with us a bit more. We finished up and thanked him for our food and we were on our way.

I would highly recommend checking this place out – the food will definitely slow your heart-rate down a bit but it’s worth it just to have a taste of a very unique departure from your typical burger. If you happen to get to talk to the “brown guy” co-owner #1, well that’s just a bonus!


  • Spicy Katsu Chicken Rice Burger $8
  • Farmhouse Bowl $13.50

Eats: 4/5
Peeps: 5/5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $$
Beats: I’m Different – 2 Chainz

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