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Romer’s Burger Bar

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8683 Kerr St, Vancouver BC V5S 0A4


When Vancouver has a sunny day, I try and get outside because I can’t be sure when the next one will come. This is one of the trade-offs for living in such a beautiful coastal city: there’s a lot of rain (if you want some serious stats to back up my enthusiasm for sunlight, here they are).

Saturday, and the skies were clear: I got together with a girlfriend for a walk and a quick brunch at Romer’s located right down by Fraser River, in the aptly named ‘River District’. You wouldn’t think much of the area as it is full of developments but if you were keen enough, you could find this burger joint nestled among the residential high and low rises.

We plopped ourselves on their enclosed patio to enjoy the sunshine and water views. This was definitely one of the best parts of the restaurant. It was a brisk 0 degree Celsius which, for Vancouver standards, is pretty chilly. However, the combination of sun and heaters made for a very toasty experience, I was reminded of summer days not too far away.

We imbibed on some afternoon cocktails, as you do when you’re brunching on the weekend. I’ve been on a sparking wine run so continued with a mimosa (with pineapple juice instead); they added Galiano to it which I was thought was interesting. My girlfriend was a bit more adventurous and had a Bellini. The drinks were only $5 a piece and perfect for a day like this so no complaints here!

Out of my ordering character, I chose a soup and salad combo for lunch: the seasonal Thai tomato basil and upgraded Caesar salad (it usually comes with an artisan greens). My friend was craving brunch so ordered a California Benedict which had (you guessed it) avocado and tomato instead of ham.

My salad was quite delicious: it had giant shavings of parmesan, a smattering of crispy croutons, and a light dressing. I had to eat through a few cheesy bites before I got to some romaine, but this was a non-issue. The soup, on the other hand, was extremely tart and over-seasoned (think: uncooked tomatoes and table salt). I’ve written about my issue with over-salted broths so this was a big disappointment – I was hungry but couldn’t finish more than a few spoonful’s before chugging my entire glass of water.

The California Benedict was ordered poached medium but came well-done (think: hardboiled). The side of cubed potatoes were fried to the point of snapping when pierced with a fork. I love me some crispy potatoes so I wouldn’t have minded that. However, the English muffin was so toasted that a butter knife couldn’t slice it. I watched my friend struggle to saw her way through a puck of bread. Now it seemed that the kitchen may have had issues with cooking our items to temperature. Her exact words were, “if I wasn’t so hungry and it didn’t taste good, I wouldn’t have eaten it.”

I’ve been to Romer’s a few times now and the food is always just okay; this experience seems to reinforce that judgement call. But really, I only ever come here for a sunny day on the patio and some cheap drinks. I think I’ll keep it that way.


  • Mimosa $5
  • Bellini $5
  • Seasonal Soup and Salad $12.95 (+1.95 for Caesar Salad Upgrade)
  • California Benedict $12.95

Eats: 3/5
Peeps: 3.5/5
Vibes: 4.5/5
Bills: $$
Beats: How Many Drinks? (Remix) – Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar

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