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Secret Garden Tea Company

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2138 W 40th Ave, Vancouver BC V6M 3W7


Who goes to a tea company and doesn’t order tea, you ask? Me, someone who would much rather sip a flute of bubbly. And I figured this was as perfect as any lunch spot for one. 

We enjoyed our sparkling wine with a couple house-made sandwiches and sides of salads. Although the sandwiches were pretty basic, they tasted good and had absolutely no fluff to them (just think: mom packed your lunch). 

I opted for chicken pesto on white and my dining companion went with turkey cranberry on whole wheat. A part of me thought back to the good ol’ Wonderbread days when gluten-intolerance and acute sugar-avoidance wasn’t much of a thing. 

Given that this was a high-tea shop, I couldn’t leave without at least trying some of their baked goods, especially when I had already forgone the tea (whoops). They were delicate and subtle in flavour – nothing overly sweet or processed tasting. It would have been perfect with some tea but my 200ml of Henkell was just fine.

It’s a cute place with an airy, modern garden-party vibe but I’ve been to better tea houses with a nicer selection of lunch options and desserts. 


  • Chicken Pesto on White $16
  • Roasted Turkey & Cranberry Relish on Whole Wheat $16
  • Dessert Trio: Hazelnut Linzer Cookie, Lemon Tart (Vegan), Lavender Earl Grey Brownie (Vegan) $7 per person

Eats: 3/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: 4/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Garden (Say It Like Dat) – SZA

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