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Sing Sing

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2718 Main St, Vancouver BC V5T 3E8


I’ve been wanting to check out Sing Sing for a while, given all the hype, but what really intrigued me was their pizza + pho menu. I had yet to see an Italian-Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver. So for Saturday night dinner and pregame before UFC, the four of us headed down to Sing Sing to wait for a table (they don’t take resos), 35 minutes later we were seated.

This joint is on Main and 12th Ave, with an open air patio at the front of the restaurant. On a warm, sunny summer day I could see why this was a popular spot. It wasn’t as lovely today but we had jackets on so enjoyed the brisk and lightly raining Vancouver evening.

I started with a cocktail called Stray Bullets which was tequila, soda and passionate fruit. It was delicious and really refreshing. The beer menu was pretty comprehensive with some really tasty-sounding selections (and local) like Fuggles & Warlock’s Last Mango Wit or Strathcona’s Mango Raspberry Love Buzz. This place was definitely beer-centric so great to hit up if you’re thirsty.

I ordered a margherita pizza for dinner and my partner ordered the pho ga aka chicken pho. Their slogan seems to be “Beer. Pho. Pizza” so we thought we’d try both food options.

My pizza had the basic components of a margherita: stringy white cheese, tomato sauce, and basil. In addition to this, there was pesto, which I happily welcomed. The pizza was not too big and on a pretty thin and crispy crust. I could have finished the entire pie myself but got through half before I decided to share a slice and save the rest for a midnight snack. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything special.

My partner’s pho ga was definitely large – the bowl was filled to the brim with noodles, broth, and a lot of bean sprouts. He was chilly so wanted something hot to help warm up. This was a good call however the broth itself reminded me of something you would pour from a carton and heat on the stove. It tasted like a Campbell’s appropriation of Vietnamese food. Not even close to the deliciousness of a $9.99 large bowl you can get from any Golden Train or Pho Hoa or Thai Son. I wasn’t a fan and my partner wouldn’t order it again.

The service was prompt and polite and we were in and out of there within an hour. This is a place to go for some brews, socializing, and posting on Instagram. This isn’t a place for food authenticity, sadly. I wouldn’t write sing home about it.


  • Stray Bullets $10
  • Margherita Pizza $14
  • Pho Ga Sing Sing $14

Eats: 3.5
Peeps: 4
Vibes: 4
Bills: $$
Beats: Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst – Kendrick Lamar

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