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Sooda Korean BBQ

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4455 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby BC V5C 3Z2


Having just come off a plane from Korea not more than 24 hours ago, I couldn’t shake my craving for some bibimbap. After all, my palette had acclimated to Korean cuisine and I wasn’t ready to give up those flavours. 

So we headed to Sooda which is conveniently located right on Lougheed Highway, next to the Amazing Brentwood development and skytrain station (no real estate plug, I swear – just giving you an idea of the area).

This place usually has a line out the door during peak dining times and weekends but we managed to nab a table with no waiting. The service was friendly, efficient, and fast. 

I insisted on bibimbap and bulgogi which had quickly become my favourite meals from my time in Seoul. The mains came with banchan aka sides dishes (which gave me eternal joy) and a bowl of soup. Everything tasted quite authentic however having eaten my body weight in kimchi over the last week, I was now harder to impress with the likes of fermented cabbage. This one was tasty but nothing special.

For the bibimbap, the sauce was provided on the side so you could add to your heart’s content while the rice sizzled and cooked. The bulgogi was a good balance of sweet and savoury, similar to a beef teriyaki you’d see at a Japanese restaurant, but not the same as it is typically less viscous and sugary. 

It ended up being a lot of food for two people, and as I looked around at the many tables ordering family style dishes such as bbq, dakgalbi and Sooda boxes – I realized I would have to return with a larger group to give the rest of the dishes a try. 


  • Bulgogi Don $12.95
  • Dolsot Bibimbap $12.95
  • Banchan (side dishes): Kimchi, Gamja Jorim (braised potato), Kongnamul Muchim (seasoned bean sprouts), Kongnamul Suk (bean sprout soup) FREE

Eats: 4/5
Peeps: 4.5/5
Vibes: 3.5/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Gangnam Style – PSY
*Sorry, this was an obvious and easy choice…

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