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The Tipper Restaurant

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2066 Kingsway, Vancouver BC V5N 2T3


The last time I ate at The Tipper was… years and years ago. It was so long ago I cannot even recall when, to be able to tell you precisely. Cue Sunday morning, when my partner and I were looking for a easy, quick breakfast. Lo and behold The Tipper, located just mere blocks away, was the decision. We called and they happened to have a table available and put us down on the waitlist – we arrived within 15 minutes.

And good thing we did, because by the time we were seated, there was a line-up outside four groups deep. We were sat at a window table, right next to the entrance – and it had an unusual, yet entertaining name and backstory: The Bermuda Table. Go ahead and give the photo a quick read, I’ll wait.

Okay done? Onto the food: I am on a detox so trying to eat within the parameters of that, which led me to order a very protein-rich plate of food for breakfast: steak, one poached egg and some avocado. My partner ordered the Big Breakfast, which consisted of bacon, sausage, two eggs, potatoes, toast and French toast. He tripled-down on the carbs for me.

My 7oz steak was really delicious: well-seasoned, not grisly or fatty and had a nice beef flavour. I only realized later that they use grass-fed, non-medicated steaks, which is actually really cool. It was also really cheap compared to a steakhouse (obviously) but also to a casual dining restaurant. My only issue was that it was a little overcooked, on the medium/medium-well side when I had ordered it medium-rare. Ah well, it’s not a steakhouse and I wasn’t too fussed, especially for the price. Any other place, I would have deemed it a party-foul. My egg was poached perfectly medium and my avocado portion was huge – pretty much an entire avocado, sliced.

My partner’s breakfast was fully loaded: his eggs were over-easy and cooked perfectly, the bacon was super crispy, the toast was sourdough and not all that interesting. You could tell the French toast was very much house-made as it was quite yellow due to the free-range eggs (with the bright orange yolks) they used. His potatoes also looked really good – nice and crisp, and made from actual real potatoes. The most underwhelming thing on the plate was the sausage, which my partner deemed ‘basic’. From where I was sitting, it looked pretty basic.

Our server was super sweet and very attentive given the sudden and surprising bustle of the restaurant. She asked me if my food was okay, since I couldn’t finish my steak and avocado and even offered to correct the bill, if in fact anything was wrong. She was also sincerely friendly and made hilarious comments here and there, which made me chuckle (example: she stated that she put my tea bag before she walked over, which was 75 seconds ago).

Overall, it was a really nice breakfast experience, especially given that we beat the rush and didn’t have to wait outside for long. The food itself was pretty good for the prices and the service was lovely.


  • Coffee $3.75
  • Tea $3.25
  • Annie Custom Breakfast: 7oz steak, one egg, side of avocado $17
  • Big Breakfast $15.99

Eats: 4/5
Peeps: 4.5/5
Vibes: 3.5/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Shawty Is A 10 – The-Dream feat. Fabolous

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