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Trattoria Burnaby

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4501 Kingsway #102, Burnaby BC V5H 2A9


Trattoria will always have a place in my heart.

There are many reasons for this but the most important and personal one being that my partner and I had our first date here one year ago. Of course, last year during this time, we actually got to sit in the restaurant on our date. But for nostalgia’s sake, this year we tried our best to recreate the experience with a take-out order for dinner to celebrate our first anniversary.

For about a month now, I have mostly gone bare-faced and worn lounge clothes for every occasion so I thought it would be a nice change to actually dress up, do my make-up and run a comb through my hair. Which I did, in preparation to go pick up our take-out order from Trattoria. Their menu has been significantly reduced but still offer options for pizza, pasta, salad and a couple desserts. They have also graciously reduced all their prices to $15 for pizza or pasta. We opted for one of each plus tiramisu to finish the meal.

When we arrived, it was as if we were retracing our steps from our anniversary last year but in an alternate universe. The restaurant’s entrance was set up as a single window pick-up. We were greeted by the General Manager, who we recognized from last year’s dining experience (he came by our table and chatted with us); now he was manning the front, processing payment, and distributing take-out orders. He seemed tired but positive, made warm small talk with us – a good energy – and you could tell he genuinely cared about the business. It’s moments like these and people like him that really uplift me to support our local restaurants.

We headed home to start our quaranti-versary. Our Siciliana pizza looked pretty darn good for $15 but it was a bit soggy from the car ride. The combination of fennel sausage and rosemary was savoury and interesting with a classic Italian feel to it. The pizza was not saucy but still packed with flavour from the smattering of olives and chili pepper. There was some char on the top reflecting its time in the giant oven – I love seeing that on pizza.

The pesto gnocchi serving was slightly small but this potato pasta is notoriously filling so I didn’t mind the portion control. The pesto was subtle, not quite as pungent as I’m used to. I really, really love pesto so I’m a bit picky when it comes to this specific sauce – and Trattoria’s rendition wasn’t mind-blowing.

We couldn’t finish a very Italian dinner without a very Italian dessert, so tiramisu was an absolute must. Now this portion was generous, especially for $6. The biscotti was crunchy but not overly hard, which made it a great little accompanying bite to the cake. It was lightly sweet and with swirls of chocolate. The tiramisu itself was really rich and creamy – that was the most prominent flavour. It didn’t have a very strong coffee taste but was a nice balance of sweet and bitter. I enjoyed it but still prefer Via Tevere’s version.

I was a little bummed to not be able to go back to Trattoria for a date but grateful they were open for take-out. At the end of the day, I just enjoyed the company more than anything, but Trattoria has been a part of enhancing the experience and memory.


  • Siciliana Pizza $15
  • Gnocchi $15
  • Italian Tiramisu $6

Eats: 3.5
Peeps: 5
Vibes: N/A
Bills: $$
Beats: Loyal – Partynextdoor feat. Drake

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