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Twisted Fork Bistro

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213 Carrall St, Vancouver BC V6B 2J2


Vancouverites love their brunch, and I mean who could blame us? Brunch is great. And Twisted Fork happens to be one of the OG brunch spots in the downtown area. This former Granville Street spot recently transplanted over to Gastown, which is a much more befitting neighbourhood for the likes of this joint.

I hadn’t been to Twisted Fork in a while, and certainly not at it’s new location on Carrall Street right off of Blood Alley. I have sentimental attachments to this place and was happy to come here on Sunday morning for a street-side meal.

We signed up for their online wait list, it was 69 minutes away to be exact but since we were at home, we took our time and only began making our way down when we were in the top 10 placement. The restaurant has about the same seating capacity as its former location, however they built an outdoor seating area with a 7 or so tables right on the road. It was a beautiful, sunny September day with a lovely busker playing some modern hits on their guitar so I welcomed the offer to sit outside.

My partner started with some french press coffee, which was cute in presentation and a nice authentic way to brew it. The coffee quality itself was okay, but not the greatest.

I opted for a Hair of the Dog beverage, a Brutus, which is essentially a spin off of the Caesar (pause for chuckle, if you get it) – this one had fresh dill, shaved horseradish and a pickled bean + brussel sprout. The veggies were tasty and I kind of wished all Caesars had this. The actual drink itself was really refreshing and light, very herbaceous – not overly spiced or seasoned but enough to give you a hit of sodium and booze to get you over your morning hump. That’s exactly what it did for me. This one definitely makes my top 10 Caesar (ahem, I mean Brutus) list.

I was feeling like a savoury breakfast this morning and was leaning towards a Benny but saw a couple tables over had ordered the giant mound of french toast so was easily persuaded to go sweet. The brioche bread was what made this dish, I loved the crusty outer layer, while the inside was soft and gooey, with tons of flavour from the cooked bananas. They served this with a giant dollop (more like ladle-full) of housemade whipped cream. Not the super sweet aerosol canned stuff, this was legit hand-whipped heavy cream that was barely sweetened, if at all – a perfect accompaniment to the sliced strawberries and apples, and shot glass of syrup. I reached over to my partner’s plate a couple of times to steal his jam to add as well.

The smoked Gouda baked eggs were served with a nice layer of caramelized cheese on top, in a ceramic dish. Toast points, bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatos, and jam flanked it. It was a great combination of salty, savory, cheesy and sweet. I enjoyed the eggs and actually preferred them well-done so this was a great choice in my books. I know it seems blasphemous to most egg-eaters, but I actually don’t like runny eggs. Hard-boiled or over-hard all the way.

Last but not least, a side of bacon for me – because I usually order bacon with any breakfast dish I get, if it’s not already included. The bacon was super salty and on a oilier side but hey, it was exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Our server, who I believe is probably the manager and/or owner was great – very personable but in a real and cheeky way. We waited for quite a while for someone to come take our food order, when we flagged him down, he realized no one had helped us yet, apologized and put it in right away. The rest of the service was good after that.

I’ll definitely come back to Twisted Fork, I love their new location and neigbourhood, their food quality and service has remained the same (aka great), and the prices are reasonable.


  • French Pressed Coffee $4 per person/mug
  • Brutus $10.50
  • Banana Stuffed Brioche French Toast $17.50
  • Well Done House Smoked Gouda Baked Eggs $17.50

Eats: 4.5/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: 4.5/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Twisted – Keith Sweat

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