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1902 Rosser Ave, Burnaby BC V5C 3Z2


Trying to be safe and conscientious, I spent this Halloween inside with a 4-person bubble watching Halloween-y movies and drinking. This meant that on the afternoon of November 1, I was mildly hungover and my go-to for hangovers is some sort of Asian soup. This time around, we went choose Vietnamese and headed to our neighbourhood joint for a bowl of hot broth and noodles.

When we arrived, there was no line-up which was surprising, and we were seated within a couple of minutes at a nicely spaced table by some windows. I went with my usual Bun Bo Hue – this dish hails from the middle region of Vietnam aka ‘Hue’ and is known for its use of thick vermicelli noodles, a very flavourful spicy broth, and a selection of meats, including congealed pig blood (not really my jam).

Fortunately for me, it’s harder to find place that does this dish authentically (meaning they use pig blood) and Viet Noodle Guy doesn’t so I was happy with that. For those who do enjoy these gelatinous cubes, there are some places in the GVRD that have them, you just have to look at bit harder.

The broth was spicy but not overly to the point of being unbearable – it had really good flavour and bordered being a bit salty. The meat included: beef brisket, chicken balls, and Vietnamese deli ham. All generous servings as was the size of the bowl. I ordered a regular and my partner ordered a large for an extra $1 and his was huge. I would have considered the regular a large.

I also decided it would be a good idea to get Che with the three ‘colours’, which is jelly (green), coconut milk (white, not really a colour), shaved iced, and different types of bean (brown + yellow). This sounds really strange to people who weren’t exposed to this in their childhood (or who aren’t Vietnamese) but it was wholly nostalgic for me. It’s basically just a sweet dessert drink. I really enjoyed their rendition of this – it was light, very sweet, and super refreshing.

The Viet Noodle Guy has great Vietnamese food, speedy yet friendly service that’s upgraded from the usual mom-and-pop shops you typically see. They’re a bit of a younger generation with a more hip take on this cuisine, while still staying true to most of the flavor profiles of traditional Vietnamese food.


  • Bun Bo Hue $11.55
  • Che – Three Colour Dessert $5.85

Eats: 4/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: 4/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Middle Child – J. Cole

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