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Yook Korean Grilled BBQ & Bistro

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2408 Nanaimo St, Vancouver BC V5N 5E4


I was on a Korean kick so decided Friday dinner wasn’t sufficient, needed a Saturday encore. We headed to Yook for a quick and early meal before the evening Netflix marathon sponsored by Covid.

At 3:30PM on a rainy weekend day, the restaurant was completely empty – perhaps a sign of the Corona times, perhaps just a sign of the earliness in which we were having ‘dinner’ (absurdly early). We were sat and given instructions on scanning the QR code and using the button on the side of the table to literally ring for service. This was cool, and something I used a total of 2 times during the meal, by far much better than snapping, waving or yelling at/for your server, all of which are kind of… rude.

Both my partner and I ordered bibimbap – Korean rice mixed with veggies, meat and gochujang (Korean bibimbap sauce, let Wikipedia school on the details). I ordered the OG version while my partner selected the spicy fried chicken verson.

But first, the sides! We were provided three little dishes of: picked cabbage, kimchi, and seasoned bean curd. All three side dishes were super tasty with the braised cabbage being my favourite. It was super tangy, really nicely pickled and packed a lot of punch. The kimchi was spicy but lacked the vinegar component. My favourite kimchis have the balance of heat and tartness, and this one was missing one completely. It was still good though. The bean curd had a nice soy sweetness to it but I wasn’t sure how they braised it.

My bibimbap was served with a nice fried egg on top, a good selection of veggies including cooked mushrooms, seaweed, beansprouts, cucumbers, and carrots. I added my separate rice into the bowl and drizzled a healthy portion of gochujang sauce all over it. After some mixing, I tasted and adjusted with a bit more sauce. The bibimbap was good though I missed the hot stone component and much prefer that iteration for the heat and the crispiness of the rice.

My partner had the spicy friend chicken (dakgalbi) bibimbap which look identical to my order except with pieces of spicy chicken. His was good as well thought he also had the same sentiment with the hot stone. The p

We rang the bell and the server came over to clear our plates and provide us the bill. The meal was decently priced for the serving size and the free sides were a nice bonus. Overall, I enjoyed Yook, it was a quick and fairly inexpensive dine-in meal.


  • Sides FREE
  • OG Bibimbap $12.95
  • Spicy Dakgalbi Bibimbap $13.95

Eats: 3.5/5
Peeps: 4/5
Vibes: 4/5
Bills: $$
Beats: Ring – Cardi B feat. Kehlani

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